Funded PHD Studentships

As part of the collaboration between HPC Wales and Fujitsu, 20 funded PHD studentships in computational science have been awarded to the following researchers at Universities across Wales.

The collaboration, promoting the uptake of high performance computing (HPC) in the Welsh Government’s priority sectors, provides the opportunity for pioneering research projects to take place, which would not have been possible in Wales before. 

Project Title Student Department University
Development of a Next Generation Sequence HPC-based analysis suite: an application to discriminate disease causing bacteria (E.coli) Farzana Rahman Computing, Engineering and Science South Wales
Tide-ice sheet interaction in a future climate Sophie Wilmes Ocean Sciences Bangor
Feedbacks between tidal stream array operation and the marine environment Alice Jane Goward Brown  Ocean Sciences Bangor
Improving hydrocarbon exploration by assimilating seismic data Matthew Gwyn Price Earth & Ocean Sciences Cardiff
Multiscale Hydro-environmental Modelling of Marine Renewable Energy Devices, with Particular Application to the Severn Barrage  Samuel Bray Engineering Cardiff
High Performance Computing for Comparative Genomics and Genome Assembly Improvement Vasilis Lenis Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences Aberystwyth
Managing the effects of tidal flows on the performance and structural integrity of marine current turbines Sarah Tatum Engineering Cardiff
A platform to determine mutation events in the cancer genome and chemical toxicity Daniele Avancini Institute of Life Science Swansea
A HPC developed water collection device inspired by biomimetics Farhana Tegwen Malik   Swansea
Enzyme Design using High Performance Computing  Stefani Dritsa Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences Aberystwyth
Simulating the impacts of climate change on estuarine dynamics using an integrated catchment-to-coast model Juan Jesus Gomiz Pascual  Ocean Sciences Bangor
Understanding the microbial mechanisms underpinning drought-driven carbon release from Welsh peatland ecosystems Caitlin Henderson Potter  Biological Sciences Bangor
Computer simulation of supported nano-particle catalysts for the production of chemical feedstocks from plant waste Liam Thomas Chemistry Cardiff
Extreme Weather Events in Wales: Weather Modelling  to Flood Inundation Modelling Davor Kvocka Engineering Cardiff
Evolution of Autonomous Road-Following Vehicles Aparajit Narayan Computer Science Aberystwyth
Polymer nanocomposites for structural and smart applications (PNSSA) Wudmir Rojas Electronics Bangor
Agent-based Modelling, Behavior synthesis, Evolutionary and swarm-based computation and Real-time animation (AMBER) Chris Headleand Computer Science Bangor
Application of the N-Nomial method for predicting financial market behaviour to decision support and proficiency training for traders Gareth Lloyd Computing, Engineering and Science South Wales
Computational aerodynamic design optimisation for complex geometries David Naumann Engineering Swansea
Surgical Simulation Kevin Bronik Engineering  Cardiff


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