Three Month Run of Record Usage levels


HPC Wales’ systems have seen record levels of usage over the last three months, with over 5.2 million hours of computing time used in January rising to a high of almost 5.7 million hours in March. 

In the past three years HPC Wales has delivered more than 100 million elapsed core hours to academics and businesses via its distributed supercomputing network.  The Phase-1 “Westmere” processor-based systems that commenced service in January 2012 have contributed 42 million hours, while the more powerful “Sandy Bridge” systems at the Cardiff and Swansea Hubs have delivered 60 million hours from their commencement of service in August 2013. 

Demand for access to supercomputing has led to an increasing uptake of HPC Wales’ national distributed supercomputing network, with the number of user accounts increasing to over 2,500 and projects spanning a wide variety of sectors including advanced materials and manufacturing, life sciences, energy and environment and creative industries.

In response to the growing need for access to supercomputing, HPC Wales has introduced a system of trial project accounts for those wanting to test the system and software before fully engaging in a collaborative project. To date, more than 50 users have taken advantage of this offer and it is anticipated that a significant number will go on to carry out larger projects on the systems.  

If you are interested in accessing HPC Wales’ systems, please contact us.