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    • Posted on 21/07/14 in News
      Professor Rick Hillum
      High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales has appointed Professor Rick Hillum, an award-winning entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience at CEO-level in global technology firms, to spearhead its...
    • Posted on 19/06/14 in News
      Local Access Workstations
      We are pleased to announce the launch of 17 local access workstations across Wales, along with the software, training and support to fully exploit them. The workstations provide advanced...
    • Posted on 16/06/14 in News
      Government Procurement Service Supplier
      We are pleased to announce that HPC Wales has been included as an official supercomputing (High Performance Computing) supplier in the UK Government’s latest online procurement programme, the G-Cloud...
    • Posted on 10/06/14 in News
      Big Data Launch
      With the installation of Apache Hadoop, a framework for storage and large scale processing of data sets on clusters, we are now able to provide academics and businesses of all sizes with a powerful...
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