Computing was once used by only the largest companies; today it is used by everyone in business. Now high performance computing (HPC - also known as supercomputing) is moving the same way.

HPC Wales makes supercomputing accessible to all companies in Wales. A HPC Wales Business Diagnostic provides a confidential, no obligation consultation to help your business identify whether the services available from HPC Wales can be used in your business to help address your key challenges.

Could my company benefit?

Many smaller businesses around the world now benefit from the performance, speed and capability that high performance computing can provide, and with our Business Diagnostic service it only takes a few hours to find out if you could be one of them.

How long does it take?

Business Diagnostics typically take a few hours depending on the size of your company and what you do. You will receive your written report and suggested recommendations within a week of your initial meeting.

What does it cost?

There is no cost for a Business Diagnostic*.

* Please note, if your business is eligible for European Commission business support, the value of the Business Diagnostic will be deducted from your overall de minimis allowance.


What will I receive?

  • A meeting with members of our experienced team at your premises to assess your business and your unique business needs
  • Follow-up advice from one of our consultants to help you determine if supercomputing could be of benefit to you
  • Where relevant, discussions with other people in your business
  • A short written report of our findings with suggested actions of your team


If you would like to know more or discuss a project idea, get in touch.

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